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Evangelist Women on The Move Ministriesinc


                                     A DELIVERANCE MINISTRY FOR THE HOUR 

                                   GODS  CHALLENGE  TO  EVANGELIST  WOMEN

A Ministry ordained by GOD to bring about an awakeing,to those women who are called by GOD and equipped to reap the  Harvest. But has declined to do so,because of fear and other hindrances.

God gave me the Vision for this ministry in the early 70's but it was not born until the year of 1985.

The Lord showed me in a dream that his people  were in a form of bondage and could not get out without help. he showed me they were in a deep hole surrounded by (Snakes ). they tried to climb up but kept sliding back down one attempt after another, but to no avail.

I Stood there and looked at them. i saw how bondage was holding them. i heard their hearts cry out for help. even though their mouth did not move. i heard their cry for help.

Therefore my friends God has called us as Evangelist women to let the oppressed go free to break the yokes,loose the bounds, to let the prisoners out,those held captive aganist their will, but desire to do Gods will.

We have been asleep to long and some of you are paying a high price for procrasttination.

for emphasis:-Family Problems, sickness in body and mind,nervous conditions ,proverty, sleeplessness nights, restlessness,and many others.

My friend, when we get up and say Yes   to the will of God,not my will  but your will Lord.yes you will see a drastic change  in your surroundings.

This ministry has awaken many,many,many women to their responsibility. this ministry can and do provide  leadership and guidance  for those that are fearful and afraid to launch out into the deep. i say wake Up leading  woman we have been asleep much to long. we have an important part to play in these trouble times.

My fellow labourers in Christ, i hope your ministry begin to flow and touch others.

Together we can make a difference .Divided we will keep keep falling into that deep hole surrounded by (Snakes) meaning the enemy.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  GOD Bless You!  

President/Founder/ Rev Dr Mary Kimble


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president/Founder Rev Dr(Evangelist)



 Evangelist Women On The Move Ministries:inc

po box 51086

Fort Worth,Texas.76105