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Evangelist Women on The Move Ministriesinc



 A DELIVERANCE   M INISTRY   FOR THE  HOUR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

DR M.D.Kimble and Husband REV C.E Kimble                                                                                                                                                                        

Pastors of The House of Refuge Victory Tabernacle,in Fort Worth,Texas (32 yrs )

God  has really Blessed the Ministry,

We believe that God has UNclaimed Blessings waiting for you, If we take the limits off God.


See What happens when Ordinary Christians DECIDE TO REACH FOR AN  ExtraOrdinary  life

Which is exactly what God has promised us as his Chrildren.

                                                   Anointed Servant

Evangelist Kimble is anointed to make plain the Word of God Bring Site to the Blind Heal the Broken Hearted,A Prophetess from her mothers womb.

Her Ministry has touched the lives of many locally and across Country thru the media

Radio,Television,Conferences,Seminars,Revivals, Marriage Seminars,cds,dvds,news letters,

Her Voice and Face is a permanant fixture in homes  near and far.

                                      Contact Information.

Dr Kimble  is known to bring Revival and Restoration wherever the river flows thru  her.

For  Revival,seminars,Conferences,Marriage Seminars ect, you may call contact info


Evangelist Women on the  Move Ministries/Attention Dr MDKimble

Po Box  51086

Fort Worth,Texas.76105

(817) 535-1002

One Service can change your direction